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Product Categories

  1. GPS tracking

    Our GPS surveillance equipment lets you keep track of your employees or children with these GPS trackers and GPS loggers.

  2. Hidden Cameras

    Our range of covert and hidden security cameras will fit any environment. Monitor your store, office, home, or warehouse with virtually undetectable hidden surveillance cameras.

  3. Phone & PC Monitoring

    We offer cell phone monitoring devices and PC monitoring software to give you the tools you need to answer some of your most important questions.

  4. Video Surveillance

    We offer a wide selection of video security cameras and systems, designed to meet the unique needs of any video surveillance application and any budget .

  5. Counter Surveillance

    We offer devices such as bug detectors, GPS detectors and hidden camera detectors so you can take measures to prevent unwanted surveillance , including covert surveillance.

  6. Audio Surveillance

    Capturing audio evidence is as important as capturing video . That's why we perfected audio recording with our audio surveillance devices including microphones and audio recorders.

  7. Field Surveillance

    Choose from long range spotting scope systems, video surveillance recording systems, and advanced seismic video monitoring.